Buildia Construction provides construction services, consulting, subcontracting, and facilities management to commercial, institutional, and governmental markets.We build Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Shopping Centres, Luxury Homes, Laboratories, Prisons, Warehouses serving both Public and Private Sectors.

In addition to standard construction and building capabilities, Buildia Construction is a client focused company who is able to assist at all levels of a potential development, from initial feasibility to the manipulation of the building efficiencies and cost components to ensure a project can achieve a mutually acceptable outcome for both client and builder, and in turn, ensure the overall viability of the project. This is just one of Buildia’s additional capabilities that are proving attractive to both current and prospective clients.

Further considerations at the forefront of Buildia’s list of operating criteria are an acute awareness of the importance of a high end product, quality workmanship, maintaining sight of the original predetermined time and cost undertakings and a safe workplace for all.

Buildia Construction values relationships with subcontractors and as such endeavours to enhance teamwork with core key subcontractors. Buildia is actively aware of the value of good subcontractors to the successful completion of its projects.

Management regards the health and safety of employees, the public and the environment of vital importance. Our primary objectives are to achieve and maintain the highest practicable level of quality, health and safety and environmental control in all areas of the company’s operations and therefore will ensure that:

  • Matters effecting health and safety and the environment are high priority;
  • Adequate precautions for prevention of injuries, incidents and damage to environment, materials and equipment;
  • Compliance of all relevant legislation;
  • Legal appointments of responsible and competent personnel to manage the occupational health and safety plan;